Tut's Shadow (Schaduw van Toet)

Writer: Lida Dijkstra | Illustrator: Djenné Fila
Publisher: Luitingh-Sijthoff | Release date: September 2021
Age: 12+

'Djenné Fila outdid herself with magnificent illustrations, inspired by Egyptian art.' – Bas Maliepaard, dagblad Trouw

In Tut’s Shadow, author Lida Dijkstra and illustrator Djenné Fila take you on a trip to the court of Egypt’s old pharaohs. Ankhesenamun grows up in the court of her father, Pharaoh Akhenaten, in Ancient Egypt. Despite the luxury of a beautiful new palace and endless parades and parties, her life is not easy. Her family is hungry for power and her father is not popular among the people.OrderRead more
When Caterpillar Became a Butterfly (Toen Rups een vlinder werd)

Writer: Bette Westera and Naomi Tieman | Illustrator: Djenné Fila
Publisher: Volt | Release date: May 2021
Age: 4+

'Entertaining and moving adventures of a colourful collection small creatures in your garden. With magical illustrations by young talent Djenné Fila.'

Stories, poems and songs to read together. Follow Butterfly on his journey through the garden and meet its colourful inhabitants.OrderRead more

Under the Waves (Onder de golven)

Writer: Linda Dielemans | Illustrator: Djenné Fila
Publisher: Fontaine Uitgevers | Release date: April 2021
Age: 8+

‘Djenné is creative, flexible and was able to perfectly translate the feeling of the stories to her illustrations: an ideal illustrator.’ – Linda Dielemans

In Under de waves (Onder de golven) we join archaeologist and author of children’s books Linda Dielemans on a journey 1 million years back in time, past deserts of ice, gigantic waterfalls, whirling rivers and destroying tsunamis. This is a story about the changing land of Doggerland.OrderRead more
The Firebird (De vuurvogel)

Writer: Bette Westera | Illustrator: Djenné Fila
Publisher: Volt | Release date: March 2020
Age: 5+

'Just the cover illustration, where the bird spreads its red flaming wings is worthy of an award. Turn on Stravinsky’s music, read Westera’s fine adaptation and get mesmerized by Fila’s magical illustrations.’ – Joukje Akveld, Het Parool

Beautiful picture book based on the ballet by Russian-born composer Igor Stravinsky.OrderRead more
The Beast with the Power of Ten Horses (Het beest met de kracht van tien paarden)

Writer: Lida Dijkstra | Illustrator: Djenné Fila
Publisher: Luitingh-Sijthoff | Release date: November 2019
Age: 13+

'Dijkstra and Fila’s retelling of a timeless story is a superb addition to the best of today’s children’s literature.’ – Vanessa Joosen, Professor Literatuurwetenschappen aan de Universiteit Antwerpen

The Beast with the Power of Ten Horses is Lida Dijkstra’s new adaptation of the story of Theseus and the minotaur, a Greek myth. OrderRead more
Sheer Luck, Bad Luck (Dom geluk, vette pech)

Writer: Harrie Keusters | Illustrator: Djenné Fila
Publisher: Scriptum | Release date: October 2019
Age: adults

'Djenné illustrated my book about the sensitive subject of cancer with feeling. She captured emotions like doubt, comfort, grief and hope in poetic and modest illustrations. Beautifully done.’ – Harrie Keusters

In Sheer Luck, Bad Luck we follow Keusters at his research on rectal cancer, meeting fellow-sufferers and learning about their decisions. OrderRead more
The King’s Frog Legs (De kikkerbilletjes van de koning)

Writer: Janneke Schotveld | Illustrator: multiple illustrators
Publisher: Van Holkema & Warendorf | Release date: October 2018
Age: 7+

'Every fairy tale has been illustrated by a different illustrator, among the well-known names are also some new talents like Pyhai and Djenné Fila’ - Trouw

A collection of 15 modern fairy tales by leading author Janneke Schotveld, published by Van Holkema & Warendorf and awarded with the prestigious Vlag en Wimpel.Order

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